3 Reasons to Change Your Bedding with the Seasons

Posted on October 02 2020

3 Reasons to Change Your Bedding with the Seasons


The changing of the season calls for a change in bedding. When the temperatures begin to get warmer or colder, you may find yourself sleeping less soundly and this may be due to the weight and warmth of your bedding.

In the fall, we find ourselves up in the middle of the night blindly searching for that extra blanket or throw we left at the foot of the bed. But sometimes, our summer bedding just isn’t warm enough even with an extra blanket. 


There are a lot of benefits to changing your bedding with the seasons but above all, better sleep is the most important. Being too hot or too cold while you sleep can make for very poor quality rest. A bad night of sleep can lead to lower productivity during the day, irritability, decreased alertness, and higher coffee consumption (we’re not sure more coffee is a bad thing though). 

Consistent, good sleep will leave you with a better immune system, less stress, stronger memory, and even clearer skin. Making sure you have appropriate bedding for the season is the first step towards a great night’s sleep. 

model laying in a bed with a velvetloft blanket


When you don’t have appropriate bedding for the season, you will find yourself turning up the heat and blasting that AC when you truly don’t need to be. Investing in quality seasonal bedding can save you a lot in the long run. Choose a heavier comforter or blanket for the colder months; this will allow you to keep the thermostat at a lower temperature at night. Opt for a lightweight, breathable fabric during the summer to keep cool and save loads on your energy bill. 


Transitioning your bedding for the seasons will also allow you to add a little variation into your life. While you are swapping out your bed layers, try changing the decor to fit the new palette or season. Changing your decor will help you purge things you no longer need or want and inspire you to begin a new season with a positive attitude. 

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