5 Gifts to Make Mom Feel Loved

Posted on April 25 2019

Moms. Always there when you need them and even when you don’t. Your biggest fan and your harshest critic. The keeper of all your secrets except when you start with “Don’t tell Dad”. Your greatest teacher and your best friend. They do so many things without expecting a “thank you” because that’s just what moms do.

All of this makes it so hard to find the perfect gift to say “thank you”. We’re here to help you find the perfect gift for the mother in your life. These 5 gifts are sure to make Mom feel loved long after Mother’s Day.

VelvetLoft Throw and Fruit

PrimaLush™ Cape Wrap

The best thing about our PrimaLush Cape Wrap is undoubtedly the design. We made this wrap to stay on your shoulders and wrap you in cozy warmth. The cape wrap is great for at home, on the go, and at work - especially for those who always seem to be chilly. Made with our plush PrimaLush fabric, the cape wrap is silky, luxurious, and simple. PrimaLush is breathable and doesn’t overheat.

The PrimaLush Cape Wrap currently comes in six beautiful natural colors: Just Peachy, Moonbeam, Pebble Grey, Hazy Sky, Plum Smoke, and String. It has two huge pockets on the front for wallet, keys, or anything else.
Extra-Fluffy Throw

Extra-Fluffy™ Extra Large Throw

Our best-selling couch cuddler, the Extra-Fluffy Extra Large Throw is oversized, ultra plushy, and perfect for snuggling under while watching a movie. One of the best gifts you can give mom is her own Extra-Fluffy Throw that is completely off-limits to everyone else. 

If your mom loves a little extra warmth, you might want to look towards the Ultimate Extra-Fluffy Throw. The ultimate, as we call it, is fluffier and made with heavyweight yarns for the ultimate cozy experience.

Heated Throw with Intellisense™

Bring warmth and comfort to Mom’s day with the Intellisense, an Italian technology that offers high-tech wiring for intuitive and efficient heating. Mom will be able to adjust the heat on her Heated Throw with Intellisense to her exact preference with the 5 different settings.

While high-tech heating is exciting, that’s not what makes this the gift to get Mom. The feeling of love Mom will get when she is relaxing under her heated throw is everything that makes this gift so great.

Citrus Palette VelvetLoft

Citrus Palette VelvetLoft® Throw 

Bring light and love into Mom’s life with one of our best and brightest shades of VelvetLoft. Not only will she love snuggling in this throw while she relaxes on the back porch she will also be able to use this as a centerpiece in her summer decor.

Seaside Knit Fringed Throw

For moms who are looking for that perfect throw to add to their decor, the Seaside Fringed Knit Throw is perfect. Available in two beautiful colors, Taupe and Blue, this throw can be incorporated into many styles - farmhouse, rustic, modern, or nautical. With its decorative nautical stripes, gorgeous fringe, and lightweight construction, it’s also a fan favorite for back yard lounging, beach bumming, and poolside relaxing. 


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