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Posted on May 16 2019

Over 25 years ago, Berkshire Blanket & Home Co. began with the first fleece blanket. Since then we've continued to dream up innovative fabrics and designs that change the relationship people have with their blankets. With a little bit of science and a little bit of art, our team has created the softest plush and furry blankets you’ve ever felt.
VelvetLoft Throw and Fruit


Today, we're on the cutting edge of fabric innovation, creating fleece that's breathable and durable. Microfleece™ is our flagship fabric and it continues to be one of our customers most-loved as well.

Our Four-Season Microfleece sheets are everything you could want—extremely soft, pill-resistant, moisture-wicking, and easy to care for. UltraLight™ Fleece has all the wonderful qualities and benefits as Four-Season Microfleece but is a little more lightweight. Heavyweight Polarfleece® is known for bringing you the most warmth while staying breathable.

“I've always used cotton flannel sheets in our bitter Maine winters and wondered if polyester fleece might feel too hot. I hate those cheap microfiber polyester sheets. Finally decided to try the fleece, and so glad I did. They are SO comfortable, I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.” - Cozy Customer, Maine
Serasoft Throws


Serasoft® is the original plush blanket that made Berkshire a household name in the plush goods industry. No one had ever felt a blanket fabric quite like this before — the result of a lengthy research and development quest to mimic the fabric of a soft new teddy bear.

Serasoft is a mid-weight warmth fabric, making it a great all season addition to your decor or bedding. Its low-pile plush has an amazingly soft hand feel, making it great for throws, bed blankets, sheets, and pillows. It’s durable and easy to care for—just throw it in the washing machine separately with your favorite detergent in cold water on the gently setting. When it’s clean, either throw it in the dryer on the no-heat setting or hang it over the back of a chair to dry.

“These are amazing sheets. I have washed many many times and they don't pill. They are just as thickly and fluffy as when I bought. I had to buy a second pair for my toddler so he would stop stealing my pillow. He now sleeps with them all year because he loves them so much! Highly recommend.” - Happy Customer, Massachusetts


Imagine the feeling of a soft and snuggly puppy. We took that feeling and perfected in our PrimaLush™ fabric. Quality yarns and a unique finishing process gives this fabric a silky finish and that puppy-soft hand feel. PrimaLush’s all season warmth, a hint of shine, and drapability make it a staple in any style of decor.

“I bought two of these over the years; one for my Mom and another for my Aunt. They absolutely love them! They both use them all winter long while relaxing at night in front of the TV. A very good bet if you are looking for a great gift!” - PrimaLush Cape Wrap Gift-giver, California Citrus Palette VelvetLoft


With a name like VelvetLoft®, it’s no wonder why this is our most luxurious fabric. VelvetLoft is ultra-dense, sleek, and yes, velvety. That velvety, sleek feel makes our blankets, sheets, throws, pillows, and robes in this plush a little bit addictive to snuggle with

Looking for something even more luxurious? Our Heavyweight VelvetLoft is one of our most in-demand fabrics. It is made as a dense fabric from the same high-quality yarns. If you love VelvetLoft, you will swoon over its heavyweight sibling.

“I've had some nice BB products in the past but this Heavyweight VelvetLoft blanket easily beats the daylights outta anything I've ever owned, especially for the frigid northern New York winters. Do not hesitate on this heavyweight blanky.” - Heavyweight VelvetLoft Blanket Owner, New York

Serasoft Throws


Known to some as “The Fluffie”, our Extra-Fluffy fabric is our furriest and plushest fabric yet. Made with long pile yarns, the sink-your-hands-in deep texture makes the best couch cuddler or top layer on a bed. It's built with an ultra-soft touch, excellent warmth, and lightweight feel.

Looking for a heavyweight Extra-Fluffy fabric? That’s where the Ultimate Extra-Fluffy comes in. The Ultimate Extra-Fluffy is available in a throw and a bed blanket and comes in the most beautiful colors.

“It is denser and warmer than the normal Extra-Fluffy. We have used them camping and they keep you warm on the chilly nights. We have also used them for watching my kids sports. The whole family loves them!” - Happy Ultimate Extra-Fluffy Owner, Michigan


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