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Coastal Style Collection

Posted on June 07 2018

Coastal Style Collection

Our coastal collection is all about creating a relaxing escape to help you drift into the perfect summer slumber - every day of the year. We’ve combined soothing hues, clean lines, and organic shapes with our luxurious fabrics and innovative textile techniques.

The result is a collection of stunning throws, blankets, pillows, and sheets to help you complete the beachy bedding of your dreams. To help you dive into current seaside design trends we’ve pulled out a few of our favorite nautical pieces and themes.

Stay within a theme if that’s your style, but we recommend choosing pieces across the collection to achieve that complete, coastal look!

Coastal Style Collection - Beachy Blues

Beachy Blues

Soothing blue hues and soft organic shapes can add instant tranquility to your space. We love this detailed starfish print in our VelvetLoft® fabric. The gentle blue tones combined with the delicate nautical print make this stunning set the ideal artful accent for a beachy escape.

Coastal Style Collection - Touch of the Tropics

A Touch of the Tropics

Adding elements of tropical flair is so on trend this season! We love our bright and beachy coral print, it’s deliciously colorful and perfect for adding a fun focal point to your living space. Layer lighthearted pieces like this one with our other coastal prints and patterns for an eclectic, bright, and beachy vibe.

Coastal Style Collection - Sailor's Knot Throw

Sailor's Knot Knit

Using a big, chunky knit is one of our favorite ways to add instant textural interest to a space. This stunning throw was inspired by the intricacy of sailor's knots, and it’s packed with casual, chic comfort. We used a new technique and actually knit our premium fibers twice, first into a chubby yarn and then next into an epically cozy throw!

Combining different patterns and textures is one key element in a coastal interior. Mix some bold blues and a graphic print with a beachy color palette and some textural throws to bring visual interest while maintaining a light and breezy look. To explore our full coastal collection head here.

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