How to Create Your Own Coastal Themed Home

Posted on June 12 2019

How to Create Your Own Coastal Themed Home

Our coastal collection is all about creating a relaxing escape to help you drift into the perfect summer slumber - every day of the year. We’ve combined soothing hues, clean lines, nautical prints, and natural shapes with our luxurious fabrics and innovative textile techniques.

The result is a collection of stunning throws, blankets, pillows, and sheets to help you complete the beachy bedding of your dreams. To help you dive into current seaside design trends we’ve pulled out a few of our favorite nautical pieces and themes.

Stay within a theme if that’s your style, but we recommend choosing pieces across the collection to achieve that complete, coastal look!

Blurry Ocean

Beachy Blues

Soothing blue hues and soft organic shapes can add instant tranquility to your space. We love this detailed starfish print in our VelvetLoft® fabric. The gentle blue tones combined with the delicate nautical print make this stunning set the ideal artful accent for a beachy escape. 

You can find this type of theme across our Coastal Collection especially in our VelvetLoft® Seaside Stripe Throw with FringeAnchor Stripe VelvetLoft® Blanket and our VelvetLoft® Sea Pearls Throw


A Touch of the Tropics

Adding elements of tropical flair is so on trend this season! We love our bright and beachy coral print, it’s deliciously colorful and perfect for adding a fun focal point to your living space. Layer lighthearted pieces like our Pineapple Print VelvetLoft® Throw paired with our other coastal prints and patterns create an eclectic, bright, and beachy vibe.


Blurry Ocean

Nothing but Nautical

Using a big, chunky knit is one of our favorite ways to add instant textural interest to a space. This stunning throw was inspired by the intricacy of sailor's knots, and it’s packed with casual, chic comfort. We used a new technique and actually knit our premium fibers twice, first into a chubby yarn and then next into an epically cozy throw!

Combining different patterns and textures is one key element in a coastal interior. This Seaside Knit Fringed Throw is a beautiful fringed knit throw that compliments all other textures and styles. Mix some bold blues and a graphic print with a beachy color palette and some textural throws to bring visual interest while maintaining a light and breezy look. To explore our full coastal collection head here.

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