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Comfort, Warmth, & Moments—A Guide to Wedding Gifts

Posted on April 09 2019

Wedding season is beginning to bloom and we know you’re on the hunt for that gift with the perfect balance—something luxurious but not expensive, unique but not gaudy, and fun but not impractical. We’ve created a gift guide to walk you through some of our best selling products for couples and off-registry products we know all newlyweds will love.

Sheets to Recharge the Batteries

VelvetLoft Plush Sheets
Our customers say that our sheets are some of the best and most comfortable sheets they have ever slept on. Our VelvetLoft® Plush Sheets offer a heavenly nights sleep in crave-worthy softness. Our most indulgent sheets are available in 5 different bed sizes and colors to match every type of decor.

If you don’t think plush VelvetLoft is right for the newlyweds in your life, Microfleece™ will be. Our Four-Season Microfleece Sheets are made with high quality, pill-resistant microfibers that offer a breathable warmth and moisture-wicking feel for year-round comfort.

Looking for something a little more detailed? Our Embroidered Microfiber Sheet Set features intricate embroidery along the border of the flat sheet and pillowcases. Microfiber is a crisp looking fabric composed of thin, tightly woven polyester fibers that combine the legendary softness of Egyptian cotton and extreme durability.

Cozy Bedding for Sweet Dreams

For couples who enjoy simple design and ultimate luxury, the Braided VelvetLoft® Comforter is the perfect gift. This comforter is thick but lightweight enough to enjoy all year long. The braided pattern of the top VelvetLoft creates the perfect amount of texture and design for bedding.
Heated Bed Blanket

Couples who live in colder places or always seem to catch a chill will rave about our Heated Blanket with Intellisense™. Cutting edge technology and the softest fabrics we make are combined to make a one-of-a-kind heated blanket experience. Intellisense wiring is thin, flexible, and tightly coiled, ensuring evenly distributed heavenly heat and reducing hot and cold spots. Our heated blanket also features an insulating barrier that reflects heat, saving you energy while maintaining your perfect temperature. To top it all off, the Queen and King sizes feature two independently operated heat zones to accommodate couples who have different heat preferences.

Throws & Pillows for Style Points

For the more style-conscious couple, or perhaps as an addition to one of the gifts above, our cozy throws and pillows are sure to make every house a home. Our Extra-Fluffy™ Extra Large Throw is our best-selling couch cuddler. This oversized throw is perfect for snuggling under while watching a movie.
Extra-Fluffy Throw Blanket
To help the couple up their style game, you can gift them a matching pair of Diamond Knit Cotton Blend Pillow and Throw. The sculptural look of the raised lattice knit pattern is the perfect artful accent for a bed or sofa. Both are available in three beautiful shades—Mineral, Warm Taupe, and Wild Dove—all dusty and romantic.

A Gift That Means More

When you gift a new sheet set, comforter, or throw, you’re gifting comfort, warmth, and moments. You’re gifting breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings and a restful nights sleep after a trying day at work. You’re gifting warmth on a cold winter day while watching 6 episodes of their favorite show on Netflix. Finding the perfect gift for newlyweds can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. A gift of comfort from Berkshire Blanket will be the silent centerpiece for years of happy moments.


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