Farmhouse Chic: Comfort, Purpose, and Style

Posted on February 20 2019

Farmhouses, dating back to the 1700s, were built for a fundamental purpose - to provide a home for those who worked on the farm. Through the years, the farmhouse look and feel has evolved but the simplicity and timelessness have remained the same.

Modern farmhouse architecture still includes rustic wooden features for a "lived in" look, a large open floor plan, and a front porch to sit on when the day's work is complete.

Inspired by those qualities, our Farmhouse Collection adds a country touch to every home while serving a purpose - warmth, comfort, and style. We chose no-fuss fabrics, simple silhouettes, and earthy tones for each piece in this collection.

A favorite, the Cozy Decorative Throw with Fur Pom Poms, is so soft and fun to add as a focal point to any ordinary piece of furniture.

The key to creating an effortless farmhouse look is making sure everything has a purpose. And nothing has a better purpose than our signature VelvetLoft® fabric. Ultra-dense and slightly shimmery, VelvetLoft has an elegant look and plushy feel. This easy to care for fabric just needs to be tossed in the washing machine with cold water on the gentle cycle and can be dried on a line or in the dryer with no heat.


The VelvetLoft pieces in our Farmhouse Collection include both pillows and throws in shades of classic plaid and a unique Woodgrain Lasercut Throw. Sure to never fade, the woodgrain pattern is cut directly into the fabric using precision laser technology. This piece will make all your houseguests green with envy.  


Tie up your look with another favorite, the Hand Knit Chunky Long Pillow. But don’t forget about the matching Hand Knit Chunky Throw, which is made from ultrasoft acrylic yarn to provide warmth like wool without the worry of allergies.

Each piece is lovely on its own, but when paired with the others the result is a beautiful, harmonious ensemble. Explore the full Farmhouse Collection and shop all its comfy pieces.


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