Our Serasoft Story

Posted on August 15 2018

Serasoft is the original plush fabric from Berkshire Blanket. These classic throws have a brilliant history that speaks to how the company got its start.
While traveling on a quest to research fabrication practices that would increase the comfort and warmth of our blankets, founder Rick Lotuff found his inspiration from a teddy bear in a children's toy shop. He looked at the bear's fur in a new way.

Children all over the world loved this fabric that was used for making wonderfully soft, plush toys. It comforted and soothed them. He asked himself - why not make throws with the same material? But it had never been done before.
It took half a year of development and refinement, including reconstructing the material as a double-sided fabric for plush throws, but eventually, Rick was happy with the result and Serasoft was ready for the market. Berkshire Blanket took a gamble and made 2,000 throws without a commitment from a retailer. Rick fully believed in the product, and knew if people were able to touch and cuddle the throw, they would immediately be attached to the softness.

In 2004 Berkshire Blanket coined the phrase Serasoft with the development of that first throw. Sera means "night" in Italian, thus the plush blanket suggests a Soft Night, inviting thoughts of a cozy, comfortable sleep. This fabric revolutionized the throw category, as it was one of the first plush throws to be produced.

The Serasoft throw did so well that Berkshire decided to expand the fabric into blankets. In recent years, due to the popularity and fluffy comfort of our Serasoft blankets and throws, we have added Serasoft comforters, throw pillows, ultrasonic patterns, and decor prints. Today, Serasoft has become an adored household name!

Whether you have been a Berkshire Blanket fan for years, or you are considering buying your first blanket, the Serasoft is the perfect choice for quality and warmth. You can't go wrong with the original blanket.

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