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Soft and Snuggly Gifts for Mom

Posted on May 06 2018

You want to get your mother something special that will make her feel pampered and loved, but you need some Mother’s Day gift ideas! You’ve come to the right place. We have a gift for every woman on your list! If you can’t be there in person to deliver the hugs yourself, why not send them a cozy blanket to do the “hugging” for you?


PrimaLush Throws & Blankets

PrimaLush Throws and BlanketsOur lush PrimaLush™ throws and blankets are just the thing, and each one is made with Mom in mind. Like our VelvetLoft® fabric, PrimaLush has a subtle shine and luxurious hand feel, but it’s a bit higher pile. The longer, denser fibers make this fabric super plush, fuzzy, and delightfully soft! PrimaLush also has a stunning color palette for you to choose from. Our favorites include peaceful lavenders, calming sage greens, and classic creams - just to name a few - and all the colors lend themselves beautifully to creating relaxing spaces.

With PrimaLush we really focused on creating the most indulgent and beautifully crafted fabric we could. When we say it was made with mom in mind - we really mean it. Taking time to pamper oneself is not always easy, especially when so much of your energy is focused on caring for those around you. We think that moms deserve an extra dose of luxury and rest every single day! It's so important to indulge in the little things, like climbing into a truly cozy bed at the end of the day...


PrimaLush Cape Wrap

PrimaLush Cape WrapFor the Mom who’s always chilly, we suggest a cozy cape wrap. She’ll think of you every time she wraps her blanket cape around her. Plus, this design features two deep pockets that are perfect for storing her phone so she’ll never miss your call! This design was born out many conversations among our team members about not wanting to get out of bed and leave the comfort of our blankets behind. One day, we decided that enough was enough, the world needed the cozy cape wrap! In our office you're likely to find many (if not all) of us wrapped up and comfy wearing one of these.

This is why when we're asked what gift is perfect for mom, the cape wrap is always at the top of our list! We worked to perfect the cut of the fabric so that the neckline rests perfectly around your neck and drapes over your shoulders so moving around is easy. With a cape wrap, she'll never have to sacrifice the comfort of her favorite throw or blanket for mobility. 

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