Sheet Sets for Summer

Posted on July 09 2018

Cozy Blog - Summer Sheet Sets!

Pictured: Polartec® Slub Knit Jersey Sheets - Galaxy Blue

Your windows are open, the fan is on and you're looking for the lightest bedding layers to counteract the heavy heat of the summer season. Whether you prefer the cool side of the pillow or just like to change out your sheets with the turning of the season, we have options designed with you in mind. From lightweight Microfiber Sheet Sets to breathable Microfleece Sheets to our signature Triple Knit and Polartec® Jersey Sheet sets - there’s a perfect solution for every type of sleeper! Read on to learn about my four favorite sheets for summer. 

1. Microfiber Sheets

 smooth - crisp - comfortable

Smooth, crisp and comfortable, these sheets are game changers. Microfiber is so finely woven that the fibers have an ultra-soft hand feel and sophisticated appearance. The advantages of microfiber are many; hypoallergenic, gentle on your skin, and great for hot weather, microfiber is a single solution to all of you who need to keep cool but don’t want to sacrifice softness.

2. Microfleece Sheets

 breathable - durable - temperature regulating

Here’s where things get surprising. I recommend Microfleece (this nautical print one is really cute!) as your go-to sheet set for four-season use. Berkshire is on the cutting edge of fabric innovation, creating fleece that's more breathable, durable and temperature regulating than its predecessors. When you think fleece you might rightly think cozy winter sheets, but I love fleece for its wicking properties and the way it promotes airflow to keep you at the perfect temperature all night long. Don’t let the fuzzy, super soft hand feel fool you - fleece is very versatile.

3. Triple Knit Sheets

classic - lightweight - easy care

I recommend our Triple Knit Sheet Sets to those of you who swear by cotton as summer’s favorite fabric. This blend of performance fibers was created to accomplish what seems to be lacking in the classic cotton sheets out there - softness that doesn’t shrink and is machine washable! Our premium cotton is knitted with strong polyester to ensure durability and lasting softness. This set even features a subtle honeycomb texture which adds a touch of decoration while maintaining a light natural style. 

4. Polartec® Slub Knit Jersey Sheets

 relaxed - T-shirt softness - pill-resistant fibers

Enjoy the casual comforts of your favorite t-shirt with these relaxed slub knit sheets! Our new Slub Knit Jersey fabric is made from a cotton and polyester blend so, like our Triple Knit Sheets, it's very soft and durable with built-in natural stretch. I'm particularly fond of the heathered appearance of these sheets. They are sophisticated yet laid back, perfect for a calming (and cooling!) summer bed. 

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