Spotlight on: VelvetLoft Throw Blankets

Posted on September 10 2019

Spotlight on: VelvetLoft Throw Blankets


Soft and sleek, we can't say enough good things about our VelvetLoft throw blankets. Our VelvetLoft fabric is easy to care for, has a decorative sheen with a low pile height and tightly packed fibers for your warmth and comfort. 

VelvetLoft is welcoming to many different fabric techniques. We feature a wide variety of these on our throw blankets, making them a distinctive addition to your home.

A close up of VelvetLoft solid throw in Lavender

Our solid colored VelvetLoft throws come in many different color palettes, allowing you to choose the best color and fit for your home.

Printed VelvetLoft throw

Printed VelvetLoft throw blankets showcase a wide variety of prints, ranging from classic and traditional to playful and contemporary.

Tipped VelvetLoft throw

Tipped VelvetLoft throws showcase a technique where the very top of the fibers are dyed to give the fabric a unique "frosted" appearance.

Lasercut VelvetLoft throw

Our lasercut VelvetLoft throw blankets have the design carved into them for a textural pattern that will never fade.

A solid VelvetLoft throw in a basket

What do our customers have to say about their VelvetLoft throws? We're glad you asked! Here are some of our favorites:

  • My go to blanket for everything! Great for travel and staying warm on the go.
  • Bought this for chilly evenings when watching tv. Really does the trick and so soft! Laundered nicely too.
  • These blankets are awesome!
  • This throw is crazy soft and very pretty. We have so many Berkshire blankets and throws and love ALL of them. They are heaven. LOVE!

To care for your VelvetLoft throw, simply machine wash on cold separately, and air dry on the "no heat" setting.

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