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Bohemian Collection

A playful mix of eclectic and bohemian design, this collection is filled with vibrant colors and rich textiles, perfect for filling your home with eye catching pieces that won’t go unnoticed.

We love boho decor and it’s great to see that this interior style is continually showing up as a go-to trend for bedrooms around the world. If you are in love with the bohemian look, or are just hoping to add bold hues, pretty patterns, and cozy layers to your home, you’ll find tons of beautiful pieces in our Bohemian Collection.

We drew inspiration from around the globe, incorporating design elements and colors from Morocco, Cuba, Eastern Asia, and elsewhere in our prints and color palette. Invite these bold hues and global patterns into your own home by mixing and matching fabrics and designs to create layers of artful interest.

Bohemian Collection Swatches

Looking for more of a laid-back feel? Not to worry. Select just one or two pops of color to draw the eye in and combine those pieces with textural faux fur throws and pillows, or chunky knits in soothing, natural tones. The laidback ambiance and cozy atmosphere these products create when combined is effortlessly chic -  so just have fun with it! There are no hard and fast rules to boho design and we’ve already done the hard part for you. Every piece in this collection has been hand-picked and curated by our team of designers so they complement one another instead of clashing. So, dive in - enjoy! And, when you’re done share with us your very own #BerkshireBoho room.