Farmhouse Collection

This collection is a warm mix of form and function. We chose no fuss fabrics and gave them elegant finishes and streamlined silhouettes to bring this lived-in look home. Breezy, lightweight textiles lend softness and a relaxed atmosphere to your space, while texturally interesting pieces like our Pintuck Comforter or Chunky Knit Pillow add interest and detail that draws the eye in.

Our chosen color palette reflects the earthy, organic elegance of farmhouse design. A blend of soft neutrals like ivory and linen keep things light and bright and rich earth tones like olive, sage, and grey ground the collection.

Each piece is lovely on its own, but when paired with the others the result is a beautiful, harmonious ensemble. Complete your farmhouse look with distressed furnishings, vintage treasures, and lots of lush greenery.

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