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The Comfort Project

Donating blankets to the Red Cross

Our Goal

Our commitment to our community runs deep. We started The Comfort Project several years ago with the mission of working to make the world a softer, more comfortable place for everyone through #actsofcomfort big and small. Our team actively seeks out opportunities to share what we do best - spreading comfort - with our neighbors near and far. We have a great respect for the organizations that work daily to improve the lives of others and proudly donate time and product to a long list of charities, shelters, animal rescues, schools, hospitals, and more.


It's always nice to shine a light on the positive things people do. So we created the #ActsOfComfort hashtag to make it easy to share your comforting acts.
Whether it's donating blankets to an animal shelter, serving meals at a soup kitchen, or simply spending some time with a friend in the hospital, little acts like these can make a big difference in the lives of those around you. And sharing it can motivate others to follow your good example!