Extra-Fluffy Bed

Why we love it:

  • super-warm, yet incredibly lightweight
  • deep, sink-your-hands-in, furry plush texture
  • fashionable colors that are fun to decorate with
  • feels like cuddling with a favorite stuffed animal!

The deep, furry plush gives it a very soft feel and excellent warmth, without a lot of weight. The airy lightness of these blankets, throws, pillows, and robes make them perfect for cuddling up with in bed or on the couch. Some of our Fluffy Fanatics even name theirs, they like them so much!

Our Extra-Fluffy is one of our most adored fabrics, and it's easy to see why!

Known as the Fluffie to some, this fabric is also incredibly fun to use in home decorating.

Extra-Fluffy is available in a wide assortment of fashionable colors, from bright pops of Aqua to soothing Cream. Mix and match hues in blankets, throws, and pillows to create your own cuddly collection in bedrooms and living rooms. Be a Fluffy fashionista and try mixing in frosted tipped fluffy throws or pillows for a fully fluffy effect!

Using our secret combination of ultra-soft yarns and a super high pile height, we created the ultimate Extra-Fluffy experience... Our range of heavyweight fluffy options delivers the same furry hand feel you trust but now warmer and thicker than ever before! When the temperature dips, try reaching for our Ultimate Extra-Fluffy throw or blanket - you won't be disappointed with these fashionable warmth wonders.

If there's any flaw in our soft-as-a-cloud fluffies, it's this: kids and pets quickly figure out how comfy our furry plush is and tend to claim these as their own. So you may find (like we do) that just one Extra-Fluffy throw or blanket isn't enough! Thankfully, we have a specially priced two-pack of fluffy throws, perfect for sharing the love.

Our Extra-Fluffy goodies are machine washable for easy care.

To keep yours feeling as cozy and soft as the day you first snuggled with it, you'll want to use a little tenderness: wash separately blankets, throws, and robes on a gentle cycle with cold water and your favorite detergent. When it's all nice and clean, hang it over the back of a chair to air dry or put it in the dryer on a no-heat setting. Because the blanket is so light and airy, it takes almost no time to dry!