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Fabrics of our new Heated Blankets

With two of our most indulgent Berkshire Blanket fabrics, PrimaLush™ and VelvetLoft®, it's the softest heated blanket ever.

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We selected PrimaLush as the perfect top layer for our heated blankets and throws.
The lush surface is low pile, keeping the appearance streamlined and elegant without sacrificing one ounce of soft and silky delight.

Heated Throw Blanket

Easily machine washable, PrimaLush offers high quality comfort that will look flawless even after seasons of well-loved use.
This beautiful, insulated layer eliminates the need for an additional top blanket!

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Beneath smartly engineered technology lies our blissfully cozy VelvetLoft layer. We strategically built channels into the fabric to optimize the flow of heat to your body and ensure complete comfort. Incredibly smooth on the skin, VelvetLoft is the perfect choice to keep you cozy on the coldest of nights.

Close up of Heated Blanket Fabric

Our channeled design heats your body, and not your room. It's not only soft to the touch it's energy efficient as well.

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Our special insulating layer is fused to the visually stunning PrimaLush™ fabric and while you will never see this barrier, its impact is stunning as well. This layer reflects the heat that would otherwise escape into your room and redirects it through our Channeled VelvetLoft® down to your body.

If you've ever owned other electric blankets you might have found it necessary to add an additional top blanket to help retain warmth. We however, have eliminated that need.

Closeup of Fabric

Our added insulation and incorporated top blanket not only ensure that you aren't wasting energy heating your room; they also keep the exterior PrimaLush layer cooler to the touch on the outside and toasty warm on the underside.