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Our Technology

Our Technology - Intellisense

Europe's foremost heated blanket technology is now available in America exclusively with Berkshire Blanket.
Italian Intellisense™ offers intuitive high-tech wiring that powers intelligent, efficient, and thoughtful design.

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Thinner Wires


Our thinner wires heat up faster, automatically adjust to maintain your selected temperature,
and won't feel bulky through the plush exterior.

Overview of the Bed

Smaller channels equal straighter wires running evenly without wiggle room.
No touching wires making hot spots and no gaps between wires making cold spots; just perfect heat.

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So easy to use - you can use them in the dark. It's simple to preheat the blanket, set a timer to engage our automatic
shutoff feature, and select your desired temperature setting. Just switch it on and off you go!

Heated Blanket Controller

Our controllers light up and are easily operated from two buttons.

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Electric Throw Blanket Controller


Finding your ideal Perfect Heat setting is effortless. While some electric blankets offer an overload of heat options that must be manually adjusted, we have carefully refined ours to five Perfect Heat settings that work in tandem with our wire sensors to auto-adjust the temperature, giving you Perfect Heat all night long.


We've made sharing simple.
Our two heat zones and independent controls (in all but our Twin size blanket which has a single controller) make this heated blanket perfect for the partner who prefers the cold side of the pillow.

Two people can easily customize their experience to their individual preference. Our dual controls attach separately to each side of the blanket - no twisted cords and no confusable controllers. Instead, the controls rest flat and perfectly in reach on the nightstand, or draped over the headboard.

Heat Zones

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Making the bed

Turn your thermostat down and let your blanket worry about it!