Serasoft Bed

Why we love it:

  • mid-weight, all season comfort
  • functional home décor accent
  • the original plush blankets and throws
  • durable and washes well for years of comfort
  • soft, squeeze-worthy, and totally huggable!

Serasoft is the original plush blanket – an instant classic that’s now loved by millions!

We may have started as a fleece blanket company, but we made our name with our incredibly cozy Serasoft plush. No one had ever felt a blanket fabric quite like it before — the result of a lengthy research and development quest to mimic the fabric of a gift shop teddy bear.

A traditional plush that's well above average.

Our Serasoft fabric has a mid-weight warmth that makes it a must-have in all seasons. While it's definitely not a "basic" fabric, our range of Serasoft throwsblankets, sheets, neckrolls, and pillows are certainly comfort staples in any home. 

Our Serasoft+ is a whole new level of cozy!

New Englanders are known for craftsmanship and innovation and true to our roots, we never stop searching for ways to refine and hone even our best blankets. The newest addition to the Serasoft family, our Serasoft+ fabric is created with an extra-special finishing technique and upgraded fibers. This gives our enhanced plush a thicker and more buttery feel than classic Serasoft for those who prefer a more dense blanket.

No matter which version of Serasoft you choose, you're sure to get a cozy plush you'll love!

Surround yourself in comfort in bed, on the couch, on the go...

Since those first few blankets our signature plush has grown into lots of cuddly options!

For the coziest bed, scoop up our indulgent Serasoft sheets, blankets, comforters, and pillows. And for the ultimate in lounging relaxation, don't miss our snuggly Cozy All Over foot pocket throw with sleeves.

You will probably find yourself wishing that you could take your favorite soft blanket with you when you leave your house. Don't worry, we've got your back! Well, technically your neck, with our Serasoft plush winter scarves.

Serasoft is easy to care for, too!

Most of our Serasoft goodies can go straight into the washing machine when it's time for a cleaning. Simply wash your blankets and throws separately with your favorite detergent in cold water on a gentle setting to keep things looking their best. Then pop it in the dryer on the no-heat setting or hang it over the back of a chair or on a line to air dry. (yay, energy savings!) You'll be back to snuggling with your favorite plush fabric in no time!