User Guide


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Setup of the Electric Bed

Place the throw or blanket so that the connector and care label are face down and toward your feet.
Channeled VelvetLoft® should be face down to direct heat towards you for extra cozy warmth.


Plug in

Securely connect controller to the blanket first,
and then plug into wall outlet.


Switch On

Switch on the throw or blanket from the back
of the controller.


To preheat your throw or blanket turn on the controller and press the temperature button to activate the default Fast-Heat setting P. Use preheat only if you are NOT under the throw or blanket. When preheating is complete the controller will reduce to heat setting 5. To find your PERFECT HEAT™ range, select a setting between 1 and 5.

Heated Blanket Controller


Once a comfortable setting is achieved, select a timed duration at 1h, 3h, 6h, or 9hr (the timer settings will vary on the different model controller units).

Once the set time has elapsed the blanket will auto switch-off and the controller will enter stand-by mode.

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All Berkshire Blanket / Intellisense™ heated blankets and throws come with our trusted 5-year warranty. We stand behind the quality of our products and we care about honoring our promise of excellence. If our blankets disappoint, we want to make it right. Read more about our special 5-year warranty here.

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It's easy to maintain the lovely look and feel of our heated blanket by following our simple steps for convenient care.


Unplugging the Electric Blanket

When it's time to wash your heated blanket or throw the first and most important step is to detach all controllers and unplug the cord from your wall outlet.


Washing your electric blanket

Once everything is disconnected, you're ready to wash!
Pick out your favorite bleach free laundry soap and place your blanket separately in the washing machine. Set your machine to cold water, select the gentle cycle, and begin.


For the prettiest and softest results, remove your blanket from the washing machine, lay it out, and gently pull it into its original size and shape. To finish, simply drape it over a drying rack, a clothes line (without using clothes pins), or two dining chairs to air dry.

If you’re in a hurry you can use your dryer to get a head start. Begin by preheating the dryer on a low temperature setting for just two minutes. Once your dryer is warm and preheated, add your blanket separately and tumble dry for just 10 minutes. For this step it’s important not to use a heavy-duty commercial dryer like those commonly found at your local laundromat. The blanket will still feel damp to the touch, so to finish gently pull the blanket out to its original size and drape it over a drying rack, clothes line, or two dining chairs to air dry.

We insulate it so well; you may want to flip it once to allow both sides to fully dry. If it's finished, feel both the top and the bottom to ensure that the blanket is thoroughly dry. Now you're ready to start using it again!

Please do not dry clean your blanket, use a wringer or cleaning spray, or iron it.

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Laying in bed with the electric blanket

Q: What if I like a really warm bed to sleep in and my partner prefers it to be cooler?

A: Not to worry! Our design has two specially engineered heat zones that operate independently from one another. They are separately controlled zones and you and your partner will each have your own controller so you can easily personalize your sleeping temperature.

Q: Can I tuck in the edges of my heated blanket between my mattress and the box spring so it doesn't move?

A: No, our heated blankets need to remain untucked. Simply drape the blanket over the bed for safe temperature regulating performance.

Q: Is there a way to preheat my blanket so it's warm when I get into bed?

A: Yes! The blanket features a preheat setting to ensure your bed is toasty warm and at your desired temperature when you're ready for bed.

Q: Can I use an extension cord with my heated blanket?

A: No, the blanket's provided power cord should be directly connected to your outlet.

Q: Could I put blankets or sheets on top of my heated blanket?

A: We chose PrimaLush as our top layer on account of its incredible softness and elegant appearance so you can have both cutting edge heating technology and a beautiful blanket to display! You also won't have to worry about losing heat to your surrounding room with our thoughtfully designed insulating layer. It provides a barrier, keeping heat in and working in tandem with our channeled VelvetLoft layer to direct the flow of heat straight to your body.

Q: Does this blanket have an automatic shut-off feature? What if I forget to turn it off?

A: Yes! Our blanket has an automatic shutoff feature that allows you to select your desired duration of heat. You can choose from 1, 3, 6, or 9 hour periods of time after which the blanket will automatically power off, so you can save energy and never have to worry about forgetting to turn it off!

Q: Why are there so few heat settings?

A: Other electric blankets have a multitude of fixed heat settings that require constant adjustment throughout the night. Our blanket however, offers smart heating technology and auto-adjusting wires that continually work to keep you at your desired temperature. You only need a few great options to find the right one for you and with our five carefully crafted Perfect Heat™ settings you simply choose your perfect level of warmth and let the blanket do the rest!

Q: Is it hard to wash the blanket?

A: Not at all! The blanket is easily machine washable, just un-plug and you are ready to go.