VelvetLoft Bed Blanket

Why we love it:

  • ultra-dense, thick, velvety plush
  • smooth, run-your-hands-over, sleek feel
  • subtle, decorative shimmer
  • pretty much impossible to stop touching!
  • Breathable warmth

Usually, all it takes is one touch of this luxurious plush before hearing the "wow!" of a first-timer running their hand over the fabric. The velvety, sleek feel of our blankets, sheets, throws, pillows, and robes make this ultra-dense plush a little bit addictive to snuggle with. Cozy and breathable, this decorative plush adds comfort and style to any space.

Our opulent finishing technique gives VelvetLoft a delightful sheen that glimmers in the light.

We're always looking for new ways to craft fabrics that feel and look amazing. We developed a special finishing technique that not only gives our VelvetLoft fabric its signature velvet soft feel, but also gives it a distinctive shine for a chic look.

VelvetLoft robes, throws, scarves, and pillows are available in an ever expanding array of fashionable patterns and prints, from classic styles to modern trends. Coordinate your favorite colors and designs to create your own unique home decorating theme!

Think this luxe beauty is a diva to care for? Not at all!

Our machine washable VelvetLoft fabric cleans up surprisingly well for all of its glitz and glamour. For fuss-free care and years of cuddly bliss, wash blankets, throws, scarves, and robes separately on a gentle cycle with cold water and your favorite detergent. When it's all nice and clean, toss it in the dryer on a low or no-heat setting.

Skeptical that VelvetLoft really is this amazing?

If you've never laid hands on the fabric that everyone raves about and we still haven't convinced you to take the plunge on a velvet soft blanket, try out one of our plush pillows! They don't cost an arm and a leg and are an easy way to see if VelvetLoft is right for you. They also are excellent gifts...if you can stand to give it away once you've felt it!