Comfort Your Pets on the 4th of July

Help Your Pets Feel Safe This Fourth of July

Fourth of July is right around the corner and that means one thing: fireworks. Although we might love to see the sky light up at night, your pets on the other hand might feel shaken and scared by the loud noises and bright flashes. Make sure they feel safe and secure by giving them a blanket to snuggle up with. Dogs in particular find comfort in being bundled up in tight fitting clothing that mimics the feeling of being held close, and a soft, fluffy blanket can have the same effect. 

1) Create a Cozy Den for Your Pet
When dogs are distressed or anxious from fireworks, it can be helpful to create a comfortable environment for them to hide out in. Dogs and cats both seek refuge in small, confined spaces where they feel protected on all sides. Place a soft blanket on the floor and drape another over a chair so they can curl up between the legs and feel safe. Add a few of their favorite toys, a treat, and their water bowl to make sure they have everything they need to ride out the storm or feel less fearful of fireworks. 

2) Seal Off Unsafe Hiding Places
Although it’s normal for pets to seek out hiding spots during storms or fireworks, you want to make sure you have any unsafe areas blocked up. Ensure they can’t get up into places like the attic which might be dangerous or escape into the yard where they might run away. When your pets are startled, they’re more likely to knock over items that might fall on top of them, or bolt outside in a panic. 

3) Muffle The Sound of Fireworks
You can play white noise or other calming sounds to try and drown out the sound of fireworks and make it less loud for your furry friends. Your A/C can also help compete with the sound of the fireworks outside and make even the biggest booms less intense. Another idea is to use blankets to help muffle the sound by covering up windows and other places the noise might be strongest. Keep your pets as far from windows and doors as possible. Somewhere in the middle of the house where the noise is quieter and the flashes are less visible.  

4) Keep Them Distracted
Try and keep your pets busy with interactive toys and treats so they can stay focused on something other than the loud noises outside. Fill a treat puzzle with their favorite snack or give them a large bone to gnaw on so that they can stay busy and happily pre-occupied until things quiet down.

5) For Your Cat
If you have a cat, aromatherapy can be helpful. Try pet-safe scents like lavender or give them some catnip, both of which have been found to help relax your cats and keep them calm even in stressful situations. Unlike dogs who often don’t mind being snuggled up, cats typically don’t like confined spaces. Instead of creating a blanket fort for them, open the doors throughout a few different rooms and allow them to travel freely between them.  

In Conclusion

If you remember those three things, you can keep your pet feeling safe and sound even during the big finale. Create a cozy den in an enclosed space with lots of blankets, do your best to muffle the sound and light coming into your home, and find a way to help them stay focused on something other than the fireworks outside. Do all of those things, and the fourth of July can be just as fun for your furry friends as it is for you.