VelvetLoft fabric feels just as luxurious as it looks. It is available in lightweight and heavyweight and is a plush fabric that offers spectacular warmth and has a velvety sheen. VelvetLoft is a fabric with many desirable qualities, making it one of our most popular fabrics. VelvetLoft is breathable, warm, velvety, and oh-so-cozy. As a very low-maintenance fabric, it can be machine washed and dried on low heat.

VelvetLoft is one of our longest running, most popular fabrics. It shows off prints well, and is a great canvas for texturizing. Curling up in VelvetLoft makes you feel like you’re wrapping yourself in a cloud. With a subtle sheen and heavyweight feel, heavyweight VelvetLoft throw will make you feel like royalty.


Extra-Fluffy is our plushest fabric available. Made with long, soft fibers that create a cloud-like feel with breathable warmth. With a sink-your-hands-in plush like this, you will be sleeping more comfortably than ever before. This fabric provides great texture to your bedroom or living area, and it is the fabric that everyone gravitates to when they want to relax on the couch after a long day. 


We took the furry feeling of a soft and snuggly puppy and perfected it to craft our refined PrimaLush fabric. Fine yarns and our proprietary finishing process give this new plush standout a silky and lavish hand-feel with just a hint of shine. No one likes to put their favorite blanket away when the weather gets warm. Use versatile PrimaLush as an insulating layer in the winter and upgrade it to top-of-bed status as a breathable mid-weight blanket to keep you comfortably covered in the summer. 

PrimaLush is fuss-free for easy care! Simply toss blankets, throws, baby blankets, and scarves in the wash with cold water and your favorite detergent on the gentle cycle. To keep things looking and feeling their best, make sure to launder separately from other fabrics. No need to get all heated up--dry on an air-only "fluff" cycle in the dryer or hang your goodies on a line. Because the fabric is so breathable, you'll have it back in a jiffy!


We may have started as a fleece blanket company, but we made our name with our incredibly cozy Serasoft plush. Our original plush fabric, Serasoft is comfortable and cuddly for all season use. A cozy, snuggly and oh so huggable plush - this fabric is extremely durable and washes well for years of comfort. No one had ever felt a blanket fabric quite like it before — the result of a lengthy research and development quest to mimic the fabric of a gift shop teddy bear. 

Most of our Serasoft goodies can go straight into the washing machine when it's time for a cleaning. Simply wash your blankets and throws separately with your favorite detergent in cold water on a gentle setting to keep things looking their best. Then pop it in the dryer on the no-heat setting or hang it over the back of a chair or on a line to air dry. (yay, energy savings!) You'll be back to snuggling with your favorite plush fabric in no time!


Microfleece is perfect for all seasons. breathable yet warm, anti-pilling, and moisture-wicking. Microfleece is breathable and insulating, keeping you at the perfect temperature for sleeping.

This fleece is extra soft and smooth, it is lightweight and breathable. It's dreamy to curl up with to go to sleep and creates the perfect temperature for all seasons. Fleece is traditionally and cold-weather fabric, but this microfleece is breathable, moisture-wicking, and great for all temperatures.


Brushed microfiber is clean, crisp, easy to care for, and offers great breathable warmth. Microfiber is great for all climates and seasons because it creates an insulating layer that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Microfiber is a breathable fabric allowing air to flow through. Microfiber is a soft, woven fabric that is designed to allow air to flow through each layer while holding in the warmth - this breathable warmth creates the perfect atmosphere for sleeping. It is very soft to the touch and is extremely durable.

Microfiber should always be washing using cold water on the gentle cycle to keep it soft, and it can be dried on a low heat setting or with no heat at all.

Polartec Fabrics

Our exclusive partnership with Polartec brings together their high-tech fabrics with our quality bedding craftsmanship. We're honored to be the only company Polartec trusts to craft blankets, sheets, comforters, and throws from their innovative fabrics. 

It's happened to the best of climb into bed and hope to drift off to a deep sleep only to find yourself tossing and turning. You're too hot, then you're too cold; blankets on and off as you try to get comfortable. Don't shiver and sweat, put our high tech bedding to work so you can get back to dreaming. You may think that the last thing you want is a blanket or sheets that air can easily move through but that's exactly what you need.

The lightweight, breathable Polartec fabrics keep air circulating, eliminating hot and cold pockets and keeping you at a consistent temperature all night long...not too hot and not too cold. They also wick away moisture to keep you comfy and dry in any season.


Sherpa is a fabric that is highly desired during the colder months for good reasons. One of its best traits is that it is incredibly insulating, keeping in every ounce of warmth when you need it most. Sherpa is also moisture-wicking, keeping you from sweating when you are wearing it or cuddled up underneath it. Sherpa fibers feel like a cloud -  it is plush, soft, and gentle on the skin. You will want to snuggle up in this fabric all winter long!