Prioritize Your Pets on Halloween

Prioritize Your Pets on Halloween

For us, Halloween is a night full of candy, costumes, and fun. However, the flashy décor, silly costumes, and ringing doorbells have the potential to stress out your pets. As the holiday creeps up, make sure you’re prepared to keep your fur babies safe and comfortable all night long.




Costume Cuteness 

There’s nothing more adorable than a pet in a costume. If you’re planning on dressing up your pet, be sure you’re following a few simple protocols to ensure their safety. Complex or bulky costumes are great for pictures, but they can be difficult for your pet to maneuver in. Make sure you choose simple costumes for long term wear and never leave your pet unattended in their costume.




Who’s There?

Love it or hate it, every pet has an opinion on the doorbell. Halloween night is probably the biggest workout your doorbell will get all year, so you’ll need to make a plan to keep your pet calm. A simple solution is to create a cozy oasis in a distant room to keep your pets calm and distracted. Another great option is to set up shop on your front porch to hand out candy and eliminate the middleman altogether. Just make sure you’re keeping warm out there!




Candy for Me, Not for Thee

Halloween is the time to indulge in as much candy as you care to eat, but that’s not the case for your furry friends. Many candy ingredients can be toxic to pets (most notably, chocolate) meaning we need to be extra vigilant around this holiday. Make sure you know ahead of time what foods are toxic to your pets and be sure to store your candy out of their reach.




Whether your pets are Halloween enthusiasts or haters, it’s important to keep them in mind to ensure a safe and happy holiday.