5 Easy Last Minute Halloween Ideas

5 Easy Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Halloween is a great time to get creative, but what happens when the holiday sneaks up on you? Even with limited time and resources, you can still participate in the festivities and have a great time! Here’s 5 easy tricks you can use to make Halloween a treat.

Image of a halloween scene in a livingroom styled with a blanket over chair
Make it Spooky
Leaning into a more ghoulish décor presents some unique opportunities for upcycling. Throw blankets can quickly and easily transform your space into a haunted house by throwing them over the furniture. If you want to go the extra mile, add on a simple ghostly face to bring the “sprit” of Halloween into your space.

Image of two children dressed as mummies with their mother in a witches outfit
Mummies and Vampires and Togas… Oh My!
Last minute costumes don’t have to look rushed. You can create a stunning costume with an old bedsheet and your imagination. Tear it into strips and wrap them into a spooky mummy. You can even dust the strips with makeup for a worn look. If you’re going for a more polished look, wrap your sheet into a toga and finish with a gold belt and laurels for a fun Grecian fit! Sheets also make a quick and easy cape that you can use across the costume spectrum from Vampires all the way to Superheroes.

Image of a person wearing a sheet as a ghost costume, with glasses, holding a pumpkin in a corn field.
Make the Most of Your Sheet Ghost
Everyone loves a classic sheet ghost! It’s a quick and easy costume that makes a striking impact. But what if you want to stand out from your average sheet ghost? Personalization can be as simple as adding an accessory like a hat or glasses to distinguish your ghost. But if you want to go the extra mile, you can use dyes, patterned sheets, or paint to make the sheet ghost your own!

Image of orange blanket as tablecloth for halloween table display
Presentation is Everything
Someone’s got to stay behind with the candy, and this underrated role has a lot of range. Spruce up your candy presentation by using a blanket as a tablecloth. And when the sun goes down and the temperature drops, you can swipe it for yourself!

Woman pulling child in red wagon during autumn
It can be difficult for little ones to make the long journey around the neighborhood. If you go out empty-handed, you’ll likely end up carrying the candy, the costume accessories, and your kiddo! Bring a stroller or wagon with a throw or blanket on your trick-or-treating adventure, so your kiddos can easily take a break and warm up. You’ll also have a lot of extra space for drinks and a cozy wrap for yourself!

Woman in silk pajamas laying on a bed with taupe Velvetloft sheets
Don’t Forget Bedtime
Using old bedsheets is a great Halloween trick but be sure you have a pair to spare at the end of the day! Nobody wants to jump into an unmade bed at the end of the day. We recommend a plush set of VelvetLoft® sheets for cool evenings.